Self portraits by @ladytrue, Washington DC

Diana Trujillo is a Colombian born Production Designer and Architect with a visual fine arts background based in the US. She started her career in the Film industry as a Visual consultant while studying photography at the New School in NYC. Diana then expanded into Art Direction and Production Design where she blends her knowledge in Architecture, Color theory, Costume and Interior design to achieve a cohesive visual image while telling a story through Art and design.

Diana has been an integral part of more than 30 projects in the last 20 years in Colombia, Peru, Ecuador, México, Dominican Republic. and the US, She has participated in some of the most influential films and tv series filmed in Latin America,

Her work includes Sundance Film Festival’s Undertow and Live Forever, as well as Golden Globes nominated TV shows Narcos where she developed the main visual look of the series, bringing the magical realism concept as a starting point to the design table. Within her work is the design of Netflix’sThe Marked Heart Seasons 1 & 2, Juanpis Gonzales, Wild District, vibrant contemporary series Malayerba for Starz streaming on Apple tv. . She has led the Art Departments of various Production services in Colombia like Gemini Man, from Director Ang Lee, working with Production designer Guy Hendrix Dyas, ELizabeth Harvest, The 33, Jungle, and recently coming of age original Series “Los Billis” for Prime Video & Tropical Thriller What You Wish For starring Nick Stahl to be released in USA cinemas this May 31st.


Iris prize festival

Winner Best Production Design / Rubirosa / 2019

Premios La Silla

Nominee Best Production Design / Rubirosa part 1 / 2019
Nominee Best Production Design / Rubirosa part 2 / 2019

Premios India Catalina

Nominee Best Art Direction / Los Billis / 2024

Nominee Best Art Direction / Pálpito 2 / 2024

Nominee Best Art Direction / Pálpito / 2023

Nominee Best Art Direction / La Ronca de Oro / 2015

Macondo Awards

Nominee Best Art Direction / Llanto Máldito / 2022

Nominee Best Art Direction / Que Viva la Musica / 2016

Winner Best Art Direction / Roa / 2013

Nominee Best Art Direction / Pescador / 2013

Nominee Best Art Direction / Contracorriente / 2010

As a Creative Director, and having the initiative and spirit of expanding ideas and styles, and as a true believer that collaborative team work is the best way to create Art, Diana convened her usual teammates and created Mood Colectivo; a group of designers and Visual artists that work together indistinctly in all the different disciplines of the audiovisual and artistic field through parallel projects as an inclusive creative workshop.

Photo @juanpablogutierrez

Diana is a Member of the Production Designers Collective

She is also an Advocate for the International Production design week – Colombia.

Diana is a member of ATAAC Colombia and the head of the Sustainability Board, / CIRCULAR DESIGN ADVOCATE